METE ECCELSE Collection embodies the excellence of Valdobbiadene DOCG Drusian with the sparkling wines Sui Lieviti, Rive di Santo Stefano and 30 Raccolti.

“Mete Eccelse” means “great achievements”. By giving this name to our most outstanding products, Drusian Sui Lieviti, Rive di Santo Stefano and 30 Raccolti, rather than being presumptuous, we aim to tell the story of our everyday lives marked by innate skills, of how our hands and hard work can make great things possible. Thus, as our motto, we adopt the phrase from the play “Hernani” by the writer Victor-Marie Hugo “per angusta ad augusta”, meaning “through narrow paths to magnificent things”. In other words, great results are only achieved by overcoming every hardship.

They are a precious gift to celebrate a special event.